Business Process Automation

Despite efforts to digitally transform, most companies are still heavily reliant on manual processes - often using paper, email, and spreadsheets for their processes.

A recent study from McKinsey found 68% of all processes in the enterprise remain manual today.

Why are we operating with so many inefficient processes?

  • Most organizations lack visibility into operating processes.

  • Historically, existing process management and automation solutions are:

    • Too hard to implement because they require complex coding.

    • Lack the power to tackle anything but very simple processes.



5A Tech and Nintex Make it Easy to Manage, Automate & Optimize Processes Across Departments and Business Systems.  Here are just a few of the common examples by function where business process automation is leveraged. 


With the Nintex Process Cloud you have powerful & easy-to-use capabilities to manage, automate and optimize your processes.

With the Nintex Process Cloud our customers value our extensibility, using pre-built connecters as well as leveraging our Xtensions to build powerful bi-directional connectors to orchestrate processes across any systems in your organization.

Combining the power of the Nintex Process Cloud with 5A Tech's 10 years of business process automation experience, it is easy to see why our customers are so successful.

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